Thursday, 18 December 2014

Tackling fly tipping in our neighbourhood

A recurring concern of Rosary Road and Area Residents Association is fly tipping, and it is a priority for us at the moment. Several locations in the neighbourhood, around Rosary Road, St. Thomas Road and Frances Road, have been seen by residents to be hotspots for people to illegally dump their rubbish and unwanted belongings.

Recently, some of our members undertook a walkthrough of the neighbourhood to survey these hotspots.

Mike, Saalim, Paul and Tracey surveying fly tipping.
The objective of the survey was to gather evidence by noting the locations and taking photographs at those locations, to present a case to local authorities. Here are some examples of thir findings.

Entrance to St. Thomas Road/Abbey Road gully, behind the shops.

Abbey Road/George Road gully, on opposite site of the road to the mosque.
It's safe to say that, sadly, the sights in the images above are quite familiar to residents of the area, and very much bring the neighbourhood down.

We are continually liaising with local councillors to identify the best method of combatting fly tipping. Some ideas that have been discussed to ease the matter include:
  • Create placards to fix to lampposts
  • Dialogue with the council to understand budget constraints, possible reasons behind fly tipping
  • Knock on doors with petition for CCTV to monitor hotspots
We welcome more voices airing their concern, helping to report incidents of fly tipping, and creating a stronger sense of community concern to local authorities to lobby them for further action on the matter. Please contact us to find out details of our next meeting where you can have your say. Our email is

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Operation Peacebulb

Operation Peacebulb took place today at Brookvale Park, and Rosary Road and Area Residents Association were out to show support and engage with the community.

Mike and Nafisa from Rosary Road and Area Residents Association

Mike and Nafisa chatting with residents
Operation Peacebulb was a world record attempt organised by West Midlands Police, complete with an adjudicator from Guinness World Records on site. The record involved 850 people planting 3000 bulbs in the park, with the outcome of creating a garden memorial - the only Remembrance memorial in Stockland Green.

The masses line up to get planting their bulbs!
Also at the event were the Anglo-Boer War Staffords, a living history group who fired rifles and a cannon for display.

Anglo-Boer War Staffords

Overall this was a fantastic event! It was great to see such a great turnout at a community event, at great for us to meet some of you! We look forward to meeting more of you at future events!